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Antique Nuance - New Items

lace cushion cushion toy bed frame
old foot stool happy set happy set happy set
basket mini basket box set of 4 frames
pin case &... pin glass basket happy set
doll basket set beads sac porcelain kitty
ladys bag -19c oval mirroir tiny crown doll dress 30cm
french box torso shabby cabinet set
vinatage label mini frame-mozaik oil painting antique box
doll basket frame violettes set jardiniere
corset box &... toy bed ballet shoes ballet shoes
piano stool fabric box lace frame ring display stand
egg doll ruban old cushion frame
paper box ballet shoes mini fabric box glass case
small glassdome vintage doll paper box paper box
easter set candy box la mode 1896 sample book
flowers doll basket candybox-bunny silver glass
dressing tray glass dome &... oil painting medaile
photo hanger tiny frame set tiny dog
labels vintage flower lace basket lac basket
mini cushion 3 cushions lace cushion old box-paper
round box -cats watch case vintage crown steiff
special set dragee box soap box parts set
cigarette cards 45 frame antique frame set
mini cushion lace basket flower basket hanger
french doll 17cm old easter bunny old easter bunny old bunny
old bunny pep assort set old parts mini crown
easter bunny easter egg bunny easter bunny godslamp &
old print frame brocante set tool tiny jardiniere
set of 3 doll cart oval frame corset
easter bunny old stand vintage wallpaper wedding stand
wax flower in glass parts small frame
set tiny shade jardiniere shabby shade
oval frame opera glass old shelf happy set
old oil painting old print in frame french frame french frame
mini crown mini crown glass tray glass tray
button case old box box oil painting -cat
murano mirroir vintage brooch print frame-cat vase
angel console candle stand set hat box
mon ami Jesus stand mirroir floral tiara
rie cramer book shabby doll bed ballet shoes watch stand
mini set wax flower old shade beads
brod.basket baby shoes vintage  poodle box
set old angel wing vintage angelwing angel wing
mini sheep mini crown 3 angels cookie pot
cookie box
cookie box saving box santa candle stand ornaments
vintage ornaments maria statue doll cart toy cabinet
loving brocante set paper santa christmas set B
mini glass ring torso cushion
 ornaments old ornaments ornaments set & old glass ornaments
ribbon frame vintage candles set  vintage santa
set theater fountain parts mirror
door cushion lace cushion round cushion cushion
mini cushion small cushion box
15 mode dolls ornaments vintage set paper weight
mode frame set bisqui display stand
wooden shelf floral basket mini hitsuji mode book 1867
cushion-new- mini hitsuji tiny angel figure ornament-papier
ornaments set angel set angel set angel set
angel pair angel parfum brooch mini hitsuji
mini mini tree vintage santa glass tree 22cm glass tree 22cm
glass tree 22cm glass tree 17cm glass tree 15cm glass tree 15cm
set child shoes 12 glass  ornaments old tree
old tree vintage tree mini sheep glass tree 31cm
glass tree 18cm glass tree 15cm glass tree 15cm glass tree 16cm
glass tree 8cm mini glass tree mini glass tree 6cm angel
small santa santa santa santa
ornament ornament old ornament pair
numbers Xmas set Xmas set tray
tray mini set mini set chiristmas set
lorgnette baby bed cross medaille old brooch case
beads fabric box tiny basket parts
napoleon set old candle stand tree brooch tiny hook
pink bear toy buggy feathers set 11 ornaments
bisqui dolls set mini hitsuji mini tree
evening bag half doll display table feathers
old glass ornaments Xmas music stand glass tree case
Xmas stable glass tree glass tree glass tree 10cm
glass tree 11cm glass tree 11cm child book-vintage vintage
tiny angel tiny buttons display stand display stand
mop case hand clip angel tin box p.p set
mini stand am doll miniture portrait 3 frames set
brush-angel C&R doll 16cm mini doll 9cm
watch hanger glass ornament angel doll cabinet
doll cabinet small cabinet doll chair doll furniture
photo stand monogram album old print frame
angel statue 2 boxes flower small basket
tin box box ornament tiny stand
tiny box soap box lace cushion flower basket
flower basket foot stool glass objet glass tree
glass tree--mini glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree tiny doll 13cm glass dome Perles
beads parts glass markers candle lamp
monogram book miniture doggie set of 2 doggie
pair doll parts glass shade parts souvenir set
souvenir set french box vintage parfum bottle sofa doll
foot stool 6 spoons set small screen bisque doll
small painting brod.cushion mini sewing stand porc.tray
vintage feathers puter vase magagin rek
floral basket L table mirroir lace bag
beads ornament tiny cushion set tiny screen
plate wax flower wax tiara glass case
set ballet shoes vintage old souvenir
flower arch wax flower oil painting-pansy beads flower set
tiny basket child torso-pink maria frame antique hair komb
plateau gips & sawing stand big basket
special set 3 revue de la mode wall holder angel statue
mini crown mini crown &.. 2 old jewel cases
flower tiara flower tiara tiny photo stand wedgwood
lace screen french fabric box set
tiny cabinet portrait glass maria
medaille charity set charity set set of 2
mozaik frame pill case pill case tiny case
lace piece wooden shelf 8 books doll table
fabric box stoup fabric box parts
lace basket lace cushion mini lace cushion -mini
charity set lace cushion- tiny doll set doll hat set
French cabinet lace cushion 2 cushions set stoup
tiny pot tiny painting cosages set
set  praying angel pop tiny bisque doll
flower parts hanky case hanky case doll bed
hanky case dollhat in box pair
19c footstool case French cabinet glass case
charity bisque stoup set vintage
doll corset letter holder doll bed old painting
French basket small shelf ballet shoes glass dome
paper flowers bronze ornament old stoup pastel painting
stoup parts mini wooden angel set
doll corset tiny halfdoll glass case old parfum bottle
wooden angel mirroir angel jardiniere old print in frame
angel flower basket s tiny cushion
sofa doll set doll bed
lace cushion mini cushion mini cushion mini cushion
baby box mini cushion violet set
set glass jardinier box mini hats set
set mini crown S 2.6cm mini crown M 4cm mini crown L 5cm
vintage steiff print in frame wooden shelf
door stopper-angel shelf-- S French box old cushion
tiny stand paper box tiny doll chair tiny tray
child shoes child shoes frame old mirroir
angel hanger
angel doll chair tiny fan glass tiara
wooden shelf set of 2 vintage hatbox pink bear
journal demoiselles pair doll sheet doll bed - mini dragee box
dol head doll head miniture figure ornament
glass dome hat pin cushion lace cushion
lace cushion pink set blue set glass dome
frame-fan style sand glass paper box corsage
flower parts tiny wax flower wax flower lace cushion
doll house lovely set frame display case
french box box frame set
set cushion wax medaille hat box-vintage
box 2 cushions set tiny bisque doll
old toy child bracelet box old boxes
affiche tiny crown tiny crown tiny crown
GW special GW special set thread case medaille
mini cushion set set tiny fan
small crown tiny crown pin cushion-heart 2 glasses
glass hat pins set set lace cushion
lace cushion s table clock fabric box pin cushion -swan
naai doos 2 french boxes tiny flower bisqui doll 12,5cm
baby shoes pop monogram cabinet
lace cushion small baby  bear doll trunk pin cushion
cushion-round murano mirroir 2 mini sheeps ornament
french cushion angel poesie oil painting mini corset
marimekko set parfum bottles muguet de france
beads cover set flower tiara glass parts
stained glass stained glass wall lamp vintage bag
toy piano lamp old buttons lace cushion
lace cushion lace cushion lace cushion jewel case-angel
wall lamp
glass case easter bunny paper roll old goblin set
feathers set lace cushion lace cushion hatpin cushion
stand jardinier tiny case tiny cabinet
hatpin cushion lace cushion lace cushion tiny bisque dolls
easter ornamnet easter set steiff lamby lace cushion
lace cushion pin cushion easter bunny choco mould
vintage doll vintage doll bunny set ring case
tiny angel set of 3 photo stand old print frame
tiny glass cover vintage cushion bunny set lace basket
lace basket sheep ornament music box small bag
 in basket doll waer old cushion lace cushion
lace cushion cushion set cushion set oval frame
mop case holy basin rose set lace cushion
hatpin cushion print in frame print in frame lace cushion
lace cushion lace cushion lace cushion set of 3
pin cushion antique child shoes set of 3 cushion
cushion cushion cushion cushion
baby shoes ballet wear tutu ballet wear tutu box
flower cushion small photostand tiny purce
vintage fan crown set flower basket gloria
tiny doll 11,5cm old oval frame fabric box
blue set wall decoration vintage tray set mirroir
doll in case 2 tiny doggies vintage dolls
vintage set motto frame dolls parasol corsage
old print set basket set set lace in box
shelf set baby shoes photo stand
angel pair mini cushion(silk) fabric box savon des bebes
maria statue oil painting vintage pot cover
old box doll bed foot stool dolls furniture
miniture houses~ vintage lampshade set old opera glass 2 shabby shades
fabric box pop clip oval frame
old box tiny frame chocolate box small wooden stand
tiny dolls tiny doll tiny doll opera glass
metronoom new year pack 11 new year pack10 new year pack 8
new year pack 8 new year pack 2 new year pack 1 many cosages in basket
muff for doll tiny dolls~~! vintage doll mini poodle
old box frame cotton doll doll chair
tiny bag tiny lace purce
cushion 30cm
3 old small books 4 sheeps set ornament
parfum bottle crystal old trees display table boudoir set
old frame note book 2 cases tiny ornament bunny
happy set french cabinet vintage chuchu lovery set
lovely mini set morpho vintage set angel wing
happy set laundry basket S shabby silk box box
old cosages old cosages brooch jardiniere
display stand dragee box dragee box blue set
hanky case porcelain rose old crown wax bouquet
cushion vintage mat flower basket &.. cushion
hanky case 1901 calendar flower tiara vintage art flower
ornament 2 mini sheeps &.. Sunday happy set Sunday happy set
sunday happy set emaille bidet cushion 15cm cushion- heart
cushion mini  cushion mini cushion 20cm piano roll
rose set old frame paper ornament miniture set
cushion 18cm Heubach-k,30cm jeanne darc living xmas set
photo stand doll hat bride basket half doll
photo stand victorian bag table cleaner brush box
1859-1860 1855 mini sheep xmas set
vintage ornaments vintage tree total 4m mini candlestands
old print candle stand mini sheep white feathes
aquarel vintage goblin la mode illustre antique frame
medaille stone collection old print display stand
set set toy cabinet
vintage opera glass round tray vintage tree
2 dragge boxes S&H doll-15cm tiny doll-13cm tiny doll-10cm
tiny doll-10,5cm small pink bear tiny basket set
figure miniture set set bag
tiny hook 1864-65 1854 old stool
ornaments in box ornaments ornaments in box ornaments in box
10 tiny ornaments ornaments floral tiara floral tiara
floral tiara floral tiara French cabinet
stand set jardinier set lorgnette
angel doll 2 frames (set) medaille old wooden box
floral tiara glass tree glass tree
glass  tree glass tree child boots cream soap box
antique crown egg basket ring display 2 wooden bords
dolls set 6 tiny dolls violettes parfum lace cushion
glas tree set glass tree & glass tree & glass tree set
glass tree & glass tree set glass tree set bisqui angel
figures set Xmas in dome~ glass objet glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass trees set
glass trees box antique French frame vintage shades set
bride stand 1856-57 tiny pouch display stand
set of 2 shades set of 2 shades lace cushion lace cushion
lace cushion lace cushion lace cushion mini cushion
hatpin cushion mini cushion small doll wooden hanger
enamel buttons violette de toulouse oil painting French boutis
mode book 1855-1856 mode book 1857-1858 mode book 1858-1859 2 sheeps set
mini sheep fabric box antique crown mini crown
wedding stand wired beads wired beads floral basket
rose cosages in box small shades set mini sheep 2 angel wings
floral basket S parfum box old box wooden shelf
small shelf feathers ornaments toy
lace doll hat ornaments ornaments ornaments
old ornaments candle klip Xmas set feather
jardiniere salt pot & spoon bottle holder doll hat
doll hat & stand doll hat & stand cushion set soap box
soap box vintage tree 3 pharmacy boxes tiny basket
christmas set ornamnet ornament ornament
ornament ornament hat pin hatpin
salt&pepper set murano mirroir murano mirror wrist warmer
angel objet 2 siluette frames wooden bookend
rozary hatpin hat pin box
tree set mini tree set glass tree set tree set
glass tree glass tree glass tree glasss tree
pill case set of tree(damaged) glass tree vintage brooch
glass tree mini tres set sheep cart ornaments in box
ornaments in box ornaments set tree set weather set
wooden plate wooden plate glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree hair komb glass brooch
mini glass tree glass tree glass tree & gift glass tree & gift
glass tree & gift glass tree & gift glass tree & gift mini doll 8cm
mini doll 9cm mini doll 9cm small doll 15cm  doll 15cm
doll shoes tiny tiara mini  trunk set
doll cabinet wall deco curtain bar tin box
tin box wall decoration oil painting
candle stand set bottle hanger plate paper box benitier
benitier mop rozary case souvenir set toy
presentation box sewing kit jumeau pop
alsas set set beads band toy
toy toy cabinet glass tiny doll
old print frame benitier la decoration interieure alsace set
alsace set Provence set 9 clips 16 clips
craft parts drawing 1890 tiny shelf
wooden shelf stand flower parts set
doll making kit pin cushion hand clip ballet shoes-noir
hat box sheep on wheel 2 paper boxes oil painting 1916
old aqua jug round frame ciel de lit
half doll dancing clown set set
oil painting old hand clip tray set ornament
murano  mirroir oil painting small crown tiny  crown
tiny crown tiny crown mini crown tiny jug
doll dress doll corset small doll mini violin
request item clips 10 9 curtain clips limoge mirror
mode print frame mini tray set of 3 pastel portrait
curtain bar degas lithografie candle stand wooden frame
5 stamps candle stand candle stands set opaque glass
many in box box foot stool tiny doll 21cm
flower card frame old game wall deco set lace tray
floral tiara tiny mirroir folding fan cookie jar
set of 3 lamp shade angel decoration angel -bisqui
door stopper-bunny lamp shade doll  chair doll corset
doll corset bag fabric box long metal tray
set of 3 2  lamp shades child sewing kit S&H,K&Rdoll 14cm.
doll cabinet bag clasp

small cushion
dragee box tiny shelf photo stand mode print book
doll chair vintage chuchu tiny tray hanger
doll shop oil painting porc.bookend wooden shelf
2angels in box bobbin pillow vintage shade set hat stand
brocante set dragee box rose set R/A wall clock
child shoes tiny paintings set toy mini bunny
steiff mini ballet shoes frame set
set set set set
set set doll cabinet
fashion print frame set of 2 jewel case tin box
AM doll 390 corsage mini crown flower hat
flower hat tiara mini cushion cabinet
tiara avon savon violet set (pink) set (pink)
set (blue) set (blue) set (blue) tiny bisqui doll
small doll bed savon box craft parts set frame
4 old books communie tiara oval frame set
set for crafts wall pocket rose painting
gravure frame jardiniere angel plate
document holder round box dress case 2 boxes set
mini crown wooden parts foot stool
set set set of 3 trays ciel de lit
pen set angel container parts in box toy singer
lace panel parasol glass shade glass shade
glass shade wall paper wall paper wall papers
wall paper set set wall lamp GWspecial set
special set violette set table lamp table lamp
Effel lamp mini parasol fashion papers old prints set
tiny dolls tiny brooch glass brooch glass brooch
glass brooch ornament 2 tiny bears mini bear
old powder case sucredulcor set box
old print old print goblin panel table lamp
rose set box box small tray
toy mini hitsuji tiny doll K&L  tiny doll
tiny doll small doll flowers of holy land
wall lamp old frame old ring case 2 tiny hat boxes
poodle lamp box floral tiara sachet
cosage set bag floral hat hat stand
maria hanger monogram parts tiny paper case tiny ring case
powder case violette toulouse small frame
french basket wooden box mould mini old ad.paper
ink pot half doll easter egg box easter brooch
ring holder tiny parts set mini hook mini frame
jewel case toy - broderie pen case abm needle case
pin disc tiny crown pair tiny box
frame printemp box set travel alter
almanach pour 1914 2 mini sheeps baby box beads bag
tray cosages 3 hangers set of 4
table set toy shop photo stand wall shelf
kunst en industie miniatuur happy easter set warm dish
happy easter set doll 20cm French box wooden angel
baby walker 1910 set of 3 mini box miniature
box cross mini doll mini doll
child chair set set mis book
angel set mini set SFBJ 64cm S&H cm Bergmann.60cm
pen tray antique doll lace screen
minimini crown medaille doll cabinet doll cabinet
doll cabinet doll chair old tiny cushion tiny tools set
glass case set (damaged) painting floral tiara
floral tiara baby bed cross mini mini oval frame
doll dress & .... lace cushion set floral basket tin box
parts set oil painting easter egg
savon box special set ciel de lit oil painting
vintage hatpins vintage hatpins half doll sofa doll
sofa doll set of 2 set of 2 set
flower tiara set danish frame set card holder stands
frame set st antoine pin cushion -cat
tiny crown easter ornament  set mini set mini stand
lace screen small stand foot stool half doll box
set murano mirror murano mirror set
set set cosages floral hat
vintage chignon clip toy basket tiny doll shoes doll shoes
bisqui benitier miniature set set
Harrods hatbox set set  hat stand
needle cushion tiny painting babybed cross mini cushion
tiara tiara tiara miniture
stand old ornament vintage grisly bear old  bear
new year pack 8 new year pack 7 new year pack 6 new year pack 5
new year pack 4 angel frame maria statue lovely basket
holy water dish small console tiny cushion case
pin cushion doll box screen small painting
presentation box angel ornament brooch tiara
glass powder case tiny case farmacy cabinet pop
tiny tiara tiny tiara paper plate frame
toy piano maria glass maria wax bouque in dome
beads deco oude schaal glass tray ornamets in tin box
ornaments& cloth glass case wrist warmer wrist warmer
wrist warmer wrist warmer wrist warmer wrist warmer
tiny sheeps  Christmas balls 3 feathers crystoleum
sofa doll Christmas set angel pair angel pair
angel pair remade cushion small drawer blanket
ornaments & lace set Christmas set angel set
lace in box praying angel brooch praying angels
old display stand statue shelf stand print happy winter set
miniture set small jardiniere beads bag jardinier
mini frame oil painting old print round box
old oil painting set of 2 peps in box gips
tiny doll sofa doll candy box doll
half doll 12 cosarges small shelf glass case
vintage baby gift set tiny doll floral basket S
bag glass case glass ornaments Christmas set
tree set Christmas set mini mini tree miniatuur
miniatuur set ear clip brooch
glass tree set glass tree set glass tree glass tree
glass tree lace screen ornament set antique rozary
mop rozary candle stand vintage set card holder stand
mini box ornament ornament
ornament set ornament set ornament set
ornament set ornament ornaments ornaments
painted stand photo frame brod.tray
stand Xmas set powder case old tapestry
evening bag tiny tree 17c delft tile angel brooch
angel brooch angel brooch glass brooch wooden angel
set of 2 boxes old music box old evening bag metal basket
 2 tiny boxes tiny angel set candle stand
candle stand black mini dog doll hat wooden easel
hanger french frame glass set glass tree set
doll set wish candle doll skate shoes 4 mini sheep
bisqui bebe comming to japan glass brooch screen
pp parfum bottle pp ring case glass tree set glass tree set
glass tree set miniture violin pluim foot stool
medailles big glass tree glass tree set lace screen
pop glass trees glass trees glass tree mini
set glass tree set angel watch stand maria staue
metal vase  set of 3 miniature miniature
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree set
glass tree glass tree paper box -cat old godiva box
angel brooch glass brooch glass brooch glass tree set
tree set glass tree set mini glass tree glass tree mini
glass tree glass tree glas tree  glass tree
mini glass tree mini glass tree glass tree glass tree
mini tree mini tree glass objet glass objet
glass tree set boutis weathers angel brooch
box snow babies Provence set small painting
set swallow set small angel print baby bed parts
key hanger wooden box set of 4 tiny maria in case
set holly stand screen tiny object tiny babywagon
babybed cross rozary small painting small painting
KLM huisjes glass tray tiny painting
jeanne darc living tiny basket KLM huisjes lace screen
pop calendar 1901 hanger tiny parasol
flower hat goebel chimney  cleaner poststamps box
vintage bag tiny box buste vintage bag
tin box set -angels peps abm epingles set of 2
hat stand card box brooch
set tiny  floral basket tiny angel frame Goebel angels
ballet shoes old print angel set danish frames
4 boxes set eventail  2 pots set 18c delft tiles
set swallow set toy cabinet hand fan
set 5 glass cases 2 cushions French cabinet
set set locket maria statue
summer special set jeanne darc living wish candle rose print
tiny tray mozaik pill case album with 23cards metal basket
tiny box mini cushion set set
set wish candle cake stand dragee box
set set fan in box tiny lace doll
old doll shoes old lace cushion tiny wax tiara tiny wax tiara
20 glass drops tenerif lace book special set stand
goblin frame summer special set photo stand souvenir brooch
ivory coin purce doll head set of 3 set of 3
crystoleum ribbon hook oval frame set of 6
sewing box parfum bottle Sucre case cameo
baby brush fan set
ornament wax flower frame set 19c pastel painting
ballet shoes tiny frame statue
basket pop tiny cosage
goebel angel cherry ambers set old hat box
plate 19c oil painting table mirror 19c aquarel
paper box old box old French box old French box
tiara tiny bisque doll tiny bisque doll nursing toy set
tiny doll in box roger&galeet small painting-cats oil painting-cats
parfum bottle set praying angel pair set set
old paper portrait painting au bon marche box old pen&ink stand
book stand horse brass letter clip shabby minitable
frame AM doll oil painting mini toy set
mini toy set painted frame French doll bed print in frame
tiara parts hang frame repro
18c delft tile -dog photo frame tin box p/s swan set
ornament pin cushion soap box set
set oil painting set cosages set B
medaille savon muget set silver glass maria
glass parts 31 curtain rings old frame medaille
print frame special set mariage dome mariage dome
mariage dome murano glass mirroir tiny cushion bed parts
display frame lace cushion pharmacy box fabric box
oval wooden stand ribbon frame old print frame
angel mini cushion corset box panel
flower basket card holder set-swans antique painting bridal stand
tiny stand accesory stand old hat stand aquarel
small painting old basket old doll chair tiny cabinet
shabby toy bed bird parts tiny old box angel print
parts pp bag tiny frame engraving
painting cats ring holder spoon set tiny frame
doll violet set hatpin stand old print in frame
fashion print frame table torso ornaments set wooden frame
old pot mop bracelet French doll head doll
flower mini rammelaar photo stand half doll on chair
French mirroir angel decoration foot rest foot rest
wall hanger floral basket medailles medailles
medailles brooch hat pin sample sheet
maria statue mirroir old gips statue opera glass
set of 6 parasol in box
set of 2 set of 3 chandellier ciel de lit
17c delft 17c  delft 17c delft 17c delft
wish candle wall lamp communie pop  set
glass tiara glass tiara cushion old tin box
table lamp basket table lamp
lace fan antique hair cap tiara & brooch old box
set of 2 benetier ribbons in box corsage
vintage JB tiny basket hat stand flower hat
set vintage tusel set table dust pan
mini set anccesory stand candle stand souvenir
basket L glass shade tiny basket silver charm-bear
parts ring display holder angel case squere glass dome
antique brush frame antique painting old print
jardiniere hand bag 17c delft tile church item
maria statue drawer old print mini frame
glass dome spoons print in frame
bakje lamp celluloid frame stand
oval frame wax tiara wooden ornament vitage frame
photo frame vintage parts ornamnt
praying angel glass dome S parfum box jeanne darc living 2
set glass maria praying angel floral basket
ornament old stamp case sofa doll
display stand candlestand doll parts panel
jeanne darc living ring holder set coffee mil
maria statue wooden ornament panel
heart ornament drieluik  stand maria staue stamp
maria in dome glass candle stand sofa doll new year sp pck
sp pack old frame oil painting tiny jardiniere
tiny doll floral basket violette de toulouse praying angel
sofa doll 17c delft tile 17c delft tile 17c delft tile
souvenir de communion French photo stand glass tray violette souvenir
mini screen liefde voor brocante old ornament rings
silk box glass brooch poudle silver glass coupe corsages in drawer
devotie heart heart ornament cushion glass dome L
baldachin candle stand panel painting candle stand
ornament ornament torso torso
set of 2 birds set of 3 happy set glass button
18c grisaille painting mini stand sounenir ribbon frame
oval frame glass ornament aquarel painting tiny French doll
mini candle stands old opera glass ciel de lit communie set
mini  cushion vintage ornaments set display tray
box rose print set bottle ring bottle ring
wax in frame wax flower set wax tiara frame
angel frame old glass case opaline glass old ornament
mini old tree lavender sachet oil painting glass dome
french shelf brooch glass candlestand lavender sachet
set old ornament old ornament old ornaments
sofa doll sofa doll goblin cushion old ornament
old ornament old ornament angel ornaments set angel candle stand
mop cross in case glove case angel console
hair pin hair stick bottle ring glass tree set
glass tree set glass tree set glass tree set antique christmas tree
vintage tree vintage tree ornaments tiny angel
floral basket mini maria frame angel pair set Xmas set
glass tree set brooch wooden maria
weekend special weekend special time service sale time service sale
set book special time service special time service
tiny frame angel hook frame wall lamp
panel painting old brode.1918 silver brush boa
la mode illust 1890 wall lamp table lamp WF
toy doll & bed tiny egg basket tiny basket
wooden ornament frame wooden tray tiny basket
tiny basket clover box old ornament glass ornament
old ornament old oenamnet glas ornament glass ornament
glass oranment glass tree set of 3 brooch mini glass tree
glass tree glass tree souvenir ARI doll
steiff POSSY mini tree oval oil painting
card holders set vintage santa hair pin glass tree
glass tree set ornaments set ornamnts set
ornaments owl lamp glass tree brooch
set brooch brooch set
glass tree ornaments set antique ornament vintage tree
antique xmas tree xmas ornament book Xmas ornament set xmas gift for dolls
glass tree set glas tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree stand frame set of 4
card in frame table bell table bell glass tiara
glass tiara mini mini komb violette parfum
lourdes souvenir clip set of 2 birds set of 3 birds
set of 2 birds tree brooch glass tree floral basket
vase ligting chandelier small lighting
set of 2 birds set of 2 birds wall bird glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
mini tree tonakai san journal enfants
glass tree glass mini tree mini tree
glass brooch angel brooch oval wooden plate shabby frame
cosarge tiny pin cushion tiny bouquet glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
candle stand maria goblin cover napkin holder
vintage hang angel pill case set hand clip
glass tree holy water font fashion frame old box
violette de toulouse opera glass mini candlestand box
mini glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree angel
set glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree vintage belt bag tiny bisque doll
mini bisqui doll parfum bottle old christmas tree old christmas tree
small painting wax doll in dome beads tussel mini mini stolp
frame mariage objet old paper half doll
set set st.janneke pair soap box angel
bisque doll mini dog petite mercerie stamp sealer
metronome buckle dinplay shelf
oil painting angel frame set glass tree mini
jardinier tea pot warmer oil painting easel
glass dome with,,, oil painting chimney stand uzes porc. basket
 corner shelf souvenir set F souvenir set E souvenir set D
souvenir set C souvenir set B souvenir set A marche bag
stand watch hanger happy set
happy angel set buste bookmarker oval painting 1918
mini bag kate greenaway French cushion
AM pop 390 AM pop 390 bisqui frame holly stand
lace purce parts set wedding case
powder box vintage bag vintage bag Lourdes souvenir
spoon set candle stand lovely box half doll
small glass dome bird cage salad server set bisqui
old candle stand shell purce glass cabinet ARI pop
shabby photo frame letter holder set 2 lamp shades
gips maria wedding dome vintage soap set
old print frame old hanger set old frame
tiny maria statue set redoute DOLL BOOK
tiny tiara HALF DOLL frame clips
glass glass crystoleum wired basket
miniframe happy set old souvenir silver pill case
doll hat pin lourdes souvenir stool flower frame
pop corsages wooden shelf bread knife
print frame pair doll pair doll little necklace
monogram book wall paper bird set bird decoration
set of 3 set of 2 mirror
oil painting old gips statue statue am pop
angel doll in dome brooch charm set menu stand
maria hanger parts mini angel mini frame stand
photo brooch mirror powder case set
foto lijst flower basket box letter holder
maria statue set oval frame ink pot & pen stand
Lourdes set statue tiny painting wooden screen
stand oil painting 1888 la mode 1867-68 print frame
cameo photo stand old fabric box
oil painting happy set puter plate vintage bag
angel ornament gips ornament floral basket L flower stand
set silver plated am doll ballet shoes
cushion old guelain old coty plate set
2 frames set statue violette box mini crown
mini book parts glass dome oval wooden box
 angel miniture shop old frame frame
wooden box hair pin hair pin hair pin
hair pin set hair clip flower hat
decoration frame wax flower set mini cross top cards set
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ear hanger statue panel old painting
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stand mirroir parts old tassel set
cute dog toy floral painting floral painting
old plate glass parts souvenir stand blue set
pink set fan frame wooden ornament old gips panel
powder box glass tiara glass dome S
tiara communie tasje wax tiara JDL back no
old box cushion
handpainted hat box medaille set medaille set
beads pouch plate handle mini frame mini bucket
frame jardiniere jeanne darc living stamp
glass dome oval mirror cabinet old panel old print
box tiny stool ink & pen stand soap box
corsage corsage corsage pencil case
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floral stand cushion set of 3 jewel shop case
mini hair komb mini tiara charity box flower basket
bapteme box corsage corsage corsage
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black beads 1kg 17 curtain rings jardiniere
paper box table mat set tiny plate
tiny photostand tin box set charity set
oval medaille spoon jam pot wooden box
hat stand angel set jewel case jewel shop case
jewel shop case frame frame frame
set la mode illustre beads flower
frame colonge bottle poesies parts
doll hat petite panier frame
mini basket corsage set cosage set wall decoration
medaille antique shoes oil painting jardiniere
candle stand maria statue 19 medailles powder box
half doll french photo stand glass brooch glass dome
JDL 2009-6 set oil painting set of 2 JDL
black beads tiny photostand photo stand bisque stoup
ear clip tiara A tiara C tiara D
tiara tiara F bird decoration bird decoration
medailles brooch ear hanger tiara & hair komb set
mini hair komb hair clip mini hair pin JDL back no.
tiny angel miniature stand goudbrokaat sonata
set jeanne darc living blue set JDL 6 back NOs.
antique ornament rare~tiny glassdome onderzetter set of tussel
set ob tussel set beads beads
JDL 2012,8 paste glass parts key holl decoration cushion
set set angel console 2 paintings
violette set wax statue set bag
danish frame oil painting vintage bag set
le journal des enfants le journal des enfans poesie album 1909 toy cookies
thee zeef JDL set 2 paintings glass cabinet
ciel de lit oil painting oil painting set of 6
half doll silver clasp oil painting old oil painting
marriage veil set little drawer box heksenbal charity set
paper box set hat set
mini sheeps paper box basket paper tape
silver-glass vase shade & JDL glass case medaille
metal tussel oval frame easter choco box violette
mirroir oil painting tussel
metal tussel 2 frames maria statue set
doll coat shabby cute doll bontje french painting
glass cover maria hanger hand mirror flower tiara
calendar pink set JD back no angel candlestand
easter bunny shoe spoon egg box wax doll egg box doll
marrige frame foot stool hat stand display cushion
tiny frame brooch oval frame jeanne darc living 2 antique cases
powder case JD back NO hat stand jewel box
marriage box set ornament frame
set set parts mode frame
pin cushion brooch fur oil painting
key hanger old print frame oval glass dome corner shelf
communie pop comunie pop wooden box necklace
glass brooch old oval frame old decoration box
new year pack 10 new year pack 9 new year pack 7 marrige case
candle stand candle stand New Year pack 4
New Year Pack 2 mini sheeps new year set dai
necklace frame small frame curtain clip set
glass dome cat prints set lourdes bell set
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maria set set cushion
display cushion jewel case wax flowers old flower parts
grace opera glass jardiniere vase
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charity set back number JD display stand wax tiara
wax corsage set hat stand ornament
ornament angel wing set buckle
angel medaille shabby tiara glass dome tiny chair
doll bed (with doll) christmas set christmas set box
flower boa boa noir card holder stand
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glass ball fan shaped tinbox photo stand photo stand
mariage set clasp Xmas set vintage tree
old bag antique bag child torso old gips
old xmas tree vintage fur old gips set
violet cosage  cosage toy set
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bisque doll set glass dome wax doll
jardiniere set wax doll bracelet
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tiny set tiny glass set toy Xmas brooch
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doll cabinet floral basket S doll cart glass tree set
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glass tree glass tree frame box
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BABY POT glas tree glass tree glass tree
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glass tree hair comb mini hair stick glass tree set
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mop rozary medaille medaille beads bag
bag bag goblin bag bracelet
guelain angel wing Xmas set frame set
box Xmas set Xmas set Xmas set
antique glasses ornament hair stick xmas brooch
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miniture miniture tiny box soap box
dolls ring holder glass tree set glass tree set
glass tree angel print
hair stick hair pin glass objet
glass objet set oil painting sewing  doll
set cosages in box candle stand
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frame bride`s basket dolls parasol violette box
old cosage small painting brooch arm band
candle cover christmas set glass tree glass tree
set of 2 old frame old frame
old frame oil painting box and more... set
le muguet plate
paper box glass brooch glass brooch glass brooch
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mini tree papier santa mini tree tiny alter
old doll tiny  box glass tree
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bird decoration tonakai glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass objet parts in box tny box
glass tree mini glass tree glas tree brooch
brooch set wax cosage wax flower
wax flower wax flower wax flower medailles
opera glass bag jardiniere jardiniere
candle stand angel frame food warmer Xmas glass objet
oil painting souvenir set E souvenir set D souvenir set
tiny painting tiny painting mop bracelet
tiny stool glass tree glass tree set oil painting
candle stand monogram book decopage frame paper box
tussel set JD living kinder boek 1904 goblin
coffee mill tiny case bisque doll glass paint
pp bag old painting barbora mirroir rozary
old frame stereo scope set stereo scope set chief case
bag set set set
set set foot stool frame
cabinet wooden box candle stand A gods lamp-angel
gods lamp mop rozary glass parts set medaille set
mode frame set old console set dog brooch
parts hat pin set parfum bottle french glass case
watch case wall paper 1m crystoleum crystoleum
foot warmer bracelet set old frame
candle holder vintage special set metronome
old ornanment metal tray chech glass
glass maria hat stand candle stand oil painting
murano mirrior set set tin box
small tin box beads flower parts cosages fabric box
souvenir embrasse set beads collar
beads collar beads collar opruiming set parts set
old parts set old parts set mini torso mini torso
goebel cat Guerlan mop letter opener angel mirror
murano mirror antique embrasses embrasses charity set
opruiming- time sale lady statue oil painting rose oil painting
glass maria poodle tiny case hair clip corsages
tin box toy cakes toy cakes toy cakes
toy cakes set gips frame objet
rozary rozary mop mini jardiniere piano roll
tiny old horse wooden box tiny case tiny powder case
frame maria maria maria
set of 2 gips angel gips angel  gips angel
doll head parts sheet doll comodo doll shoes 
charity set wooden maria hat stand maria candlestand
glass candlestand french doll cologne bottle vintage beads bag
Savon au Jasmin box power box coty tiny glass dome
glass necklace limoge brooch case vintage parts
6 hangers set glass shoes gips plate 19c table bell
hat-making kit french doll doll porc.birds set
poodle time sale~~ time sale~~ set of 2
print frame buckle paper holder
set dragee box 1898 dragee box 1892
wall mirror angel vase maria small glass dome
half doll half doll jardiniere angel console
maria gips hanger 1901
1899 old box blue set glas brooch
oval frame book end frame special set
1890 100 cosages ornament 12 beads boxes
oil painting la mode 1878 glass maria angel console
buste 11 paper flowers antique bag 1853 purce
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pop charity set set
parts tiny oilpainting tiny frame glass stand
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cosage in basket old goblin old delft tile maria in glassdome
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charity angel hang frame set maria book stand
mini mini for hair mini tussel set time sales
small screen tiny maria set M communie set
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angel glas brooch SWAN
glass brooch old print frame mini sheep doll hat
tin box angel painting panal buste
oil painting fabric box hat stand wooden easel
book-stand flower tiara flower tiara chief sac
cosage parts tiny hat for doll glass comb
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wooden maria s jardiniere small glass dome bouquet plate
miniture shop silver bag jardiniere pop
set tiny wooden case clasp (damaged old paper box
charity set parts set doll bed photo stand
maria statue mariage box s old painting set
mirroir glass brooch glass brooch glass
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set 4 stuks letter holder flower lamp
wall lamp Marie Laurencin rozary ear clip
angel top french basket bouquet owl lamp
flower lamp angel lamp lighting ink pot case
angel wooden box cosage jardiniere
maria metal case ring case case
tiny hand clip beads parts beads soap box
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 mini consoles set set of 6 vintage frame
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3 cosages silver cake server tea time set tiny stand
set parts doll stool gods lamp
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pill case bronzen knop tiny parts parts set
parts set canal house old goblin set
angels glass dome glass dome
glass dome oval oil painting candle stand New year pack
New year pack New year pack 9 New year pack 8 New year pack 6
New year pack 4 New year pack 2 pack angel
floral basket tiny case mini frame mini frame
lace fan lace box vintage toy shop display stand
metal flower glass dome gurdian angel bisque doll set
pig moneybox wax flower frame hat stand
angel set JB JB box
head flower oil painting glass dome squere vase
tiny glassdome small  painting vintage box doll chair set
set rosary bracelet beads necklace pin cushion
set of cosages tall hat stand console feather
bapteme box tiny medaille set of 6 tiny frame
candle stand glass dome missel candle stand
parts parts parts metal tray
french frame french mirroir mini angel
violet set tiny stand tiny stand cosages parts
painting set lourdes set print in frame
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doll chair parfum bottle angel gods lamp
maestricht tegel tiny photo stand tiny mirroir window decoration
cosage set B cosage set A cotton doll candle holder
Xmas box Xmas balls glass tree glass broochs
Xmas brooch A,B bracelet glass tree set
glass tree angel xmas set set glass tree
mini glass tree mini glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
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ring display bord tiny ring case  6 tiny cosage
cosage angel set tin box frame
antique bag hand painting brooch glass tree
old clip vintage brooch  card holder set
glass objet tiny candlestand frame chair case
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tree set tree set tree set
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set set set set
set set globe de mariage coty
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glass cabinet angel box 3 photo frame glass dome
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set shoe spoon bobin in box glass dome
fabric box set butter knife crystal vase
shell comb case parts set wax flower parts
flaoral basket hat box abm glass maria statue small painting
old book 1854 glass case L hair pin candle stand
brod.frame oval frame oval frame 2 oval frame set
hat stand monogram shade monogram shade mirrior
jardiniere frame glass maria tiny doll chair
normandy set bretagne set normandy set french set
tiny hangers set 4 tiny hangers set 5 3 boxes set vintage bag
hair pin angel clasp bag gods lamp oil painting
cross on stand napoleon 3 frame set old painting
old painting Lydia afternoon tea bed time story
irish dresden dolls old books bag mini painting
hand mirroir parts hat box glass bottle
jardiniere glass case glass dome globe de mariage
marriage stand glass case oil painting box
tool ring case glass dome s glass dome s
glass dome tiara tiara tiara
stockman mini torso hair pin hair pin tiny stand set
set beads parts
box stand cosage cosage
set tiny basket mini set box
hand clip glass dome doll chair
wooden box mini dog cosage box with key
vintage bag vintage bag jardiniere dot pot
cigogne dragee box glass dome oval bebe broche
baby  bracelet gods lamp special set set
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set jardiniere angel gods lamp
glass dome s glass dome glass dome
evening bag  ballerina bottle stockman torso
metronom rozary floral basket special set
set wall hanger rozary special set
special set ptint in frame oil painting frame
book end window hanger set Lourdes rozary brooch
p p bag torso glass dome glass dome
shabby pop murano mirroir L maria glass dome
glass dome s ooievaar angel tin box print frame
wooden box set tiny basket plant album book mop cross
wax maria in dome glass case shabby glass case murano mirroir
tin box old paper box key holders tiny basket
Edi dolls set vintage glass oval frame set pot warmer
display stand glass case mini glass dome
GLASS DOME GLASS DOME glass dome oval glass dome
maria in glassdome globe de mariage ballet set
box curtain clips set brooch
foot rest frame tiny toy
oval photostand tiny photostand glass cabinet
jewel box oil painting tiny painting set tiny stands set
toy kingsland beer angel hanger old goblin
boite couture set old box vaseline pot
parts glass necklace Paris souvenir Paris souvenir
tiara cosage glass dome oval glass dome
glass dome s jardiniere hat stand
old basket doll christning gift ari doll
frame bird decorations set mop rozary
oil painting set glass cabinet Lourdes set Lourdes set
maria statue victorian mirror jardiniere jardiniere
jardiniere glass dome glass dome oval glass dome
shabby shade poesie album watch case jardiniere
deco jardinier italian souvenir set water color painting bronze ornament
metal frame set brooch brooch
small paper box old frame vide poche
old frame vintage child hat souvenir set
small frame small torso small aquarel
oil painting frame frame glass case
angek ornament angel frame set of 6 glass hair comb
french frame fabric in frame hair pin hair pin
hair pin hair pin hair pin brooch
brooch set oval frame vintage glass
wax bouquet lourdes party bag photo stand
photo stand beads bag parts glass tinu tray porc.tray
oval frame glass tiara glass tiara button
goblin box angel in frame JB half torso
7cosage set ribbon photostand foot rest drawer
squere box stand doll hatstand shabby baby doll
flower basket bag box glass brooch
glass brooch box crown
murano spiegel stof doosje oil painting foot rest
long candle snuffer sewing  box angel tin box vintage glass brooch
vintage glass brooch vintage glass brooch cosage cosage
cosage cosage tiny basket bag
paper fan glass bottle torso glass butoon
glass button glas  button leather pot glass ear clip
ear clip cosage parts shoes spoon old maria frame
wooden tray brooch bisque flowers
small basket frivorite lace parasol jardiniere
foot rest miniture shop crayon
jardiniere jardiniere frame wax flower set
cellu clasp angel painting tiny cabinet rare! tiny shelf
frame metal cabinet paper fan
doll hat toy wooden box watch case with music
pouch old shelf fabric box pot
old frame candle holder box swan salt
ricoles angel photostand glass case toy piano
brides basket vintage brooch 18 cosages 20 cosages
cosage in basket floral basket S glass shade
goblin tapestry goblin tapestry lamp shade wall lamp
lace fan curtain hook hang lamp set toy set
wax cosages glass buttons toast rack jewel case set
glass shade shade wall lamp lamp
miniture shop vintage fan pen case cosages
sache doll hat tiny candlestands table lamp
haken dragee box beads flower set  set
easter rabbit angel soap box parfum lamp JB
calling bell card holder souvenir Loudes round frame
clasp parts set tiny basket vintage pot
doll old frame small frame vintage  frame
souvenir wax tiara in box tiny bottle pin cushion
powder case dragee box ribbon frame doll hat
box globe de mariage gips ciel de lit
globe de mariage bak set of 12 statue
photo hanger goebel swans set glass parts 2 frames
box tin box jardiniere jardiniere
jardiniere foot rest pop silver baby set
mini curtain bar parasol frame rose print frame
silver pouch tea strainer set thee zeef
fashion  frame tiny basket wax flower
wooden stand cosage set parts set toy piano
Belgian unica doll old photo in frame fashion frame set set
picture rug for wall la mode illustre 1879 wooden box letter holder
DMC cabinet enamel buttons 1cm set wooden mirroir
angel plate set glass parts set tiny cabinet
sampler frame 1897 set shabby old box tiny photo stand
oil painting set of 2 candle stand
for travel book marker Lourdes box
tray steiff miniture canal house broochs
soap box doll hat doll hat doll hat
hoeden modiste flower hat small basket frame
candle stand set candle stand set maria statue oval frame
wooden frame wedding decoration wooden plate maria frame
jesus frame oval frame murano mirroir set
vintage clock doll head oil painting
marriage ornament napoleon 3 frame set old frame old frame
antique bag wooden maria porc.tray wooden box
le monde elegant document box kitchen clock
parts parts dragee box vide poche
murano mirror oil painting new year pack K new year pck J
new year pack I new year pack H new year pack G new year pack F
new year pack E new year pack D new year pack C new year pack B
new year pack A jardiniere console old mirroir
pearl necklace old round box paper box pendant top
set glass case objet JB
lace in tiny frame tiny plate 40 cosages
oval frame frame murano mirroir oil painting
boa candle set pop pop
cosages in box Lepetto christmas set corner shelf
maria tiny photo stand stand
glass case cosages in box powder case parasol for doll
parasol for doll parfum bottle watch case wax flower boad
toy bed toy shop piano lamp set piano lamp
piano lamp tiny glass dome measure tape tiny photo stand
wedding stand frame wooden case bak
tiny candle stand cosage bouquet jardiniere doll
pin cushion coffee mil photo hanger
objet frame frame maria
old frame glass parts glass ear clip glass cross
xmas set Xmas set Xmas set set
set glass tree set glass tree set glass tree set
christmas set set 6 glass tree set purple glass set
glass bracelet glass tree set porc.tray oil pinting
glass tree set set glass tree glass tree set
beads parts droste box cat box violet set
toy vintage santa Xmas decoration glass tree set
glass tree set glass tree set set
foot rest maria statue kerststal wall candle mirroir
L*alsacienne candle stand cosages card holder
brass stand set charity set 2 oil painting Paris oil painting
set vintage tray vintage tray
set set ornamnents set ornament
ornament ornament ornament set
ornament ornaments 6 tiny boxes mop chips
vintage bag bag wax flower pendant
lace fan with silk case lace fan bronzen buste vaas
bronze statue tea pot pot tea strainer
candle cover charity set charity set oil painting
oil painting card frame tiny lace frame book end
angel ornament Xmas bord paper Xmas paper sacs
vintage frame clip JB
box bag bag glass shade
wall lamp hang lamp shade lamp wall lamp
tiny wall lamp table lamp bedside lamp ornament
J B paper box tiny candle stands buckle
curtain tool tiny stand photo stand
oil painting  oil painting 1943 travel candlestand bottle stoper
wax flower photo stand candle holder
toast stand rack set book end
brooch brooch
glass tree bottle deco tiny tree glass tree
 frame JB dragee box
drage box thermometer glass tree L glass objet
set glass tree glass tree glass tree
mini glass tree glass tree glass tree goebel
floral basket Harrods rabbit frame glass objet
glass tree glass tree objet glass tree
glass tree glass tree jardiniere
jardinier jardiniere photo stand tin box
tudor rose doll wax flower in box tiny soap box ARI doll
table bell table bell paper box mini glas tree
wax maria scent bottle mode frame vintage bag
vintage bag glass tree glas tree glass tree
mini tree (angel) glass tree L glass tree set
set glass tree
glass tree glass trees glass pin
redoutes rose book curtain tool
angel tin box frame 12 tiny boxes antique tiny basket
brod. tapestry vintage tiny tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree snow man glass tree L
glass tree Au bon marche tiny frame wooden box
bag cards in frame soap box
ABM BOX Au bon marche glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass  tree glass tree
frame frame bak jardiniere
ornament glass tree glass tree glass tree
candle holder glass tree glass tree glass kinoko
glass tree brooch brooch brooch
brooch brooch brooch brooch
necklace necklace necklace craft set
necklace necklace necklace stamp case
floral basket floral basket wooden box oval frame
parts soap box soap box violettes Au bon marche
soap box  candle stands set candle stands 5 glass drops
glass drops bronze angel gips shade N
shade  angel mirror gourmet set saving box
frame buckle buckle
oil painting  2 painting set photo frame watch
watercolor painting tiny wooden tray paper box jardiniere
jardiniere jardiniere shabby ballet shoes vintage chuchu
vintage chuchu angel godslamp redoute book photo brooch
4 keys 3 keys cabinet key chuchu
ballet shoes chuchu ballet shoes chuchu
head tiara artist frame handmade book
round placemats set stand  mirroir victorian album pages
album pages set tiny tiara maria glass cabinet vintage baby toy
toy jounal demoiselles journal 1872-73 watch stand
tiny stand child book mirroir glass drops
water color painting old  book photo stand
monogram bord monogram bord jardiniere tray
3 frames bible angel towel hanger set
frame vintage pearl necklace vintage bag brod.bag
jardiniere foot rest miniture street
old souvenir angel console gods lamp gods lamp &hook
god lamp set wooden frame
old painting angel console au bon marche box tiny bag for doll
doll lacehat doll head angel set p.p. bag
tiny tray curtain hooks frame 5 canal houses
hat box & hat pp bag ND Lourdes maria celluloid  fan
brooch watch cake table gods lamp 3 frames set
glass case brooch tin box dragee box
stand small painting wall vase old book
oil painting glass rozary miniture
jardiniere cosage in frame baby doll minerva baby doll A,M
jardiniere oil pinting 1922 cherub painting letter opener
cellu fan cellu fan paper fan murano mirroir
set wooden item ballet shoes ballet wear
cosage tiara doll basket wall tapestry doll set
Holland set prtit jardinier metal bord painting paper clip
doll hat Toffee tin box curtain clips pop
oil painting 1995 beads bag bag parts old music book
wooden tray glass cabinet old angel box clasp (alpaca)
clasp (alpaca) key set A ornament tin box
ornament mirroir case dance book glass candle stands
set wall candle holder mode frame set
pendant top souvenir album ivory top tiny brooch
tiny brush curtain clip angel clasp party bag
glass parts angel console doll in box doll basket
doll hat tiny doll head jardiniere jardiniere
vintage hat pin beads toy anton pick cards
set frame jardiniere
basket box parfum bottle vintage bag
sac box set goblen tapestry vintage glass  pin
vintage ballet wear doll bed set angel
rozary garnet rozary necklace tiny crown
JB JB JB with rozary JB with rozary
goebel porc.maria wedding stand journal des demoiselles
frame set dragee boxes
dragee boxes cosage glass hanger  hanger stand
goebel canal houses set pp brooch
3 boxes set old book tiny hand clip
cross cross lucifer doos angel set
tin box vintage brooch fether glass box
speksteen maria bible
tiny photo brooch cosage parts blok wooden box
tiny brooch JB angel ornament rose photo stand
enamel button cosage stand mirroir toy
cross cross medaille bracelet gods lamp
gods lamp curtain clip set set oval frame
set old stationary set mini frame lourdes stand
monogram box angel ornament bag jardiniere
doll bed metal stand ornament oil paintings
2 boxes grevi child bag grevi child bag vintage grevi vintage basket
grevi child hat vintage grevi vintage hat grevi vintage hat miniture shop
mini set set dream box coffee mil
tiny  stand jardinere wax flower frame photo stand
wooden angel mini photos glass cross glass brooch
oval frame old frame oil painting wall candle
wall candle jewel stand antique gips rosa mystica stand
frame wooden box book end glass
angel clasp cards frame liquer set lace frame
candle stand mini candlestand 2 mini jardiniere set hat box
black frame tiny wax tiara JB glove box
french photo stand murano mirroir bouquet des amours oil painting
oil painting oil painting tasje JB
photo stand hat stand paper stand
tiny bag beads bag oil painting globe de mariee
globe de mariee tiara stand maria statue
mini tiara doll hat a.b.m set wooden box
wooden box violet set photo stand pharmacie boxes 20
frame set display shelf
JB JB doll box oil painting
set set parfum bottle metal frame
oval frame small painting knop glass tray
glass shade sketch book wooden frame wedding set
angel console OIL PAINTING tiny frame mini frame
mini frame mirroir pendanttop sachet display cabinet
lace in frame set glass blik box
shade shade shade old book
music stand pharmacy boxes set of 3 baby spoon
spoon photo stand thee zeef doll bed
set venecian glass parts 8 tiny boxes
vintage wrist watch spoon angel spoon set
set angel lamp chadellier wall lamp
box bebe box
doll head doll head doll head
doll head doll head medaille set pharmacy box set
set wall lamp fan frame
jam seal set vintage stand marquise de sev 5 monogram spoons
monogrm spoon H,D savon box savon box wooden maria
vintage frame wooden box wine operner porc.pot
brode. maria toy pincushion case display box
savon box doll house paper baptemes  box
easner egg tiny basket tiny basket charity set 2
paper box beads etc in box tiny maria & glass wooden frame
tiny basket bebe box fan paper box
paper box painting
beads in box beads pin cushion
tiny tiara rozary in mop case maria frame panel
wall tapestry french photostand hat stand tiny basket
tiny hat soap box oval painting delft tile
metal tray frame key hanger paper weigt
hook wooden box tiny maria old frame
maria stand frame steiff book wax bouquet
set 9 canal shop street soap box child book
music box canal houses 1864,1865 1849  demoiselles
1873,1874 demoiselles 1868,69.demoiselles 1856 demoiselles redoute roses book
wooden box Au bon marche 1913 set 4 canal houses
book 1911 kinder boek buckle mop rozary
box magagin rack parfum & soap set glass dome
parts ruban angel door knocker tiny box
tiny box tiny box tiny box spoon KLMNO
spoon FGHIJ glass parts brooch parts
special set print frame angel curtain band set
fabric box canal house canal house
canal house canal house canal house 3 canal houses
canal houses 5 canal houses monogram spoon ABCD monogram spoon 5
rozary rozary purple 2 boxes mode frame
italian frame set book marker vintage kitchen clock
paper weigt au bon marche hanger child bracelet tiny hat
tiny hat tiny pendant top tiny pendant top frame
antique frame wall deco old frame cross
old frame wooden box wooden saving box oil painting
oil painting bebe brooch paper box violettes de toulouse
candle set tiny frame marriage maria statue
set mini stand marrige box bag
clasp enamel compact  haken set gips angel
hat stand silver pendant fides savon muguet brooch
angel gods lamp gods lamp  angel metronome gordijn haken set
gordijn haken set oval frame hat stand ontbijtkoek doos
opera glass grace antique watch case butterfly book frame & psrts set
monogram spoons 3 tiny photo stand glass photo stand L buckle
maria statue oil painting new year pack 10
New Year pack 9 new Year pack8 set New Year pack 6
New Year pack 4 angel piano lamp oval painting hat stand
hat stand gods lamp (angel) parts set BLOEMWERK BOEK
parts key parts set set
set number set monogram spoon set monogram spoon set
monogram spoons monogram spoons glass brooch necklace
MOP & silver rozary medailles
3 small paintings tiny candle stand photo stand
dolls goubel angel hanger frame
ribbon hook tea time set candle stand missel roman
frame lourdes mozaik parts box photo in frame
lace in frame JB mini frame doll set
set set JB JB
JB soap box frame frame
doll set parts cosage set crown parts
jet necklace big easel tiny ribbon frame JB
opera glass cosage 20 pharmacy boxes baby savon box
plant book wax maria tiny maria statues monogram spoon set
doll basket brooch lace cushion parfum bottle
parfum bottle frame cat box
glass brooch cat glass parts glass candle stand sample book 1913
wooden fan wedding box set mini frame
vintage cosage set old cosage frame frame
murano mirroir hat box small drawer
loudes mini candles dolls purce
doll candle stand floral basket map
sample sheet parts wallet mini candlestand
photo stand mini oil painting Xmas paper sacs 20 ARI dolls
dolls in basket boa vintage bag vintage bag
vintage bag card frame edi ARI dolls edi ARI dolls
coin purce maria set tiny maria maria
crown candle cover glass tree set set
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charity set glass tree glass tree set glass tree set
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set set set set
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set set set set
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brooch glass tree candle set set
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glass brooch set set glass tree
glass  tree glass tree glass
red glass cross crpss pendant top tiny pin brooch glass bell hanger
wax flower table spice set set
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ornament ornament set ornament set lamp
glass large murano mirroir candle set lightng set
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table lamp dog lamp glass shade oil painting
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lamp shade chandellier wall lamp wall lamp
wall lamp wall lamp medaille set medaille set
4 medailles bird brooch medaille blacelet medaille bracelet
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25 paper sacs Xmas box lace parasol set
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set glass tree snow man danish frame
paper tapes glass brooch glass brooch glass brooch
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epingles box porc.coaster porc.coasters fur
bronze frame 2 Danish frame mini tree mini tree
mini tree book end glass stand mode frame
tiny basket mini grass tree candle holder opera glass
frame tiny box wooden box glass tree S
glass tree S glass tree S glass tree S glass tree S
set set glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree box
antique child shoes basket angel console foot rest
photo stand photo stand cosage set
medaille stand ring case candle holder
music box round frame photo stand photo hanger
wooden box bag wooden frame
sucredulcor doll hat souvnier album purce clasp
dog brooch mop rozary necklace necklace
piano lamp piano lamp angel in box 2 frames
wooden frame set tiny hat stand doll basket
music box mode la saison 1877 foot rest letter hanger
gips angel photostand JB doll basket
photo stand mode frame mode frame coffret de mariage
wall tapestry mode de paris gips set souvenir album
brooch old books 1835 maria oil painting
souvenir set souvenir set set set
angel (new) jet brooch wooden box
monogram spoon ELRW monogram spoon RBGF stand mirror table set
wooden tray frame set wall candle wooden box
vintage set mini hangers set brooch medailles
medailles medailles garnet rozary silver rozary
bourjois buckle silver angel buckle angel wing
mode frame mode frame floral basket pen tray
vintage set wall candleholder medaille 1918 p.p bag
antique frame mini photostand timbres vintage set
wish box 1938 buckle buckle hat box & hat
stamp mozaik pill case set bisque doll doll set
toy sweets vintage tiny spoons  wooden box with key wooden box
curtain rings set set basket
watch stand bag mini basket heart mini photo stand
cosages tiny basket wooden box pen stand
wooden box old basket tiny basket paper box
antique basket frame set frame frame
frame frame charity (maria glass) set
angel paper parts brooch brooch
frame clasp(damaged) A B M fan VIOLETTES DE TOULOUSE
DOLL HEAD candle stand glass parts 10 floral basket
ARI poppen set hat stand glass cabinet
parts inbox 2 frames set thermo& barometer toy cabinet
frame & lace hat tin box ornament oval mirror
oil painting art book maria gips maria beeld
tiny bracelet 1918 medaille photo hanger poststamp case
photo brooch glas onderzetter inkpot & pen set angel godslamp
cat&dog frame french frame metal frame set glass
feather set curtain holder set oil painting ornament
calendar doll basket doll basket opera glass
OLD BOOK HAT STAND apotheek doosjes 21 violette de toulouse
brod.frame card frame porch frame tin box   rose
floral basket tiny basket ballet shoes glass dome
doll cabunet S&H marquise de sevigne jewel case
glass case angel box limoge pill case vaseline shade vaseline bottle
vaseline bottle mignonette doll weiwaterbakje brooch
wooden box tiny stand photo stamd medaille bracelet
many medailles wax flower set violettes de Toulouse half doll
souvenir souvenir megane case document case
needle case souvenir de communion stand oil painting in frame
gods lamp <angel> maria statue old gips set ballet shoes
ballet tutu wooden frame toast rack french photo stand
fashion frame globe de mariage doll set genova photo book
wish candle frame & goods half doll half doll set
round frame french photo stand opera glass set
frame set frame 12 medailles
tiny sweets toy chocolate box set doll sample bord
doll sample bord small cabinet oval frame french basket
wooden tray with lace card set charity set 10clips
3 frames set 4 frames set souvenir album oval frame
medaille set D medaille set B medaille set A cross
old cosmetic vintage bottle spitzen photo frame
photo stand mirror photo stand baby shoes
hat stand candle stand gips maria set
cross top cross top old frame glass cabinet
medaille bottle medaille buckle
gods lamp maria painting frame monogram spoons
spoons beads parts glass vase bottle
shoe clip card & lace hat card & lace hat card & lace hat
card & lace hat card &  lace hat flower hat flower hat
flower hat print frame set rose print set miniture set
set tiny shade  buckle wooden box
wooden angel candle stand medaille wooden ornament
frame photo tree photo tree rose boxes
flower hat tiny calendar 1937 wijwatervat wedding bouquet
doll basket angel purse cosage frame
set curtain hanger curtain hanger labels
lamp shade rose frame tiny wooden frame squere frame
wax flower sachet photo stand wooden case watch case
stamp case stamp in case compact case mini bisque doll
curtain holder pair cosage charity set cross
parts Edi doll set B photo frame set maria ring
set violet parfum bracelet child pendant
doll hat photo stand 1m hat stand
hat stand flower hat vaselline glass parts poststmap box
post stamp box pen box glass cabinet
cosage box glass case MOP CROSS
SET soap box soap box doll head
tiny basket tiny frame tiny frame angel box
tiny box brooch wooden box old papers & stamps
set dolls Edi dolls watch stand
angel  wall lamp hang lamp set sweets set
glass lamp table lamp set tiara
wax corsage tiny basket weather old photo
tiny frame flower hat basket set miniture chair
2 books tiny usachan paper weight paper weight
parfum brooch photo stand stand ring holder
tiara powder box tiara oil painting
gods lamp angel piano lamp wall tapestry tin box
box letter holder opera glass floral basket
tiny tile tiny rozary crown spoon monogram spoons 6
frame miniture hat doll tile frame
pin cushion vintage brooch wooden box oval mini painting
wedding stand mini painting wedding stand set
parts set set cosage hat hat
flower hat hat stand monogram spoons glass boxes
set knives set set
miniture cart frame set foot rest
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cellu bracelet doll set glass case wall tapstry
candle stand 6 glass drops set 5 glass drops set doll set
doll set doll set doll set doll set
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wall tapestry set plant  cover frame
parts curtain holder pipe holder set
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candle stand glass candle stands special set
tiny lace bag coffee mill watch case wall hanger
set cigarette cards album floral hanger
wooden tray set tiny basket copper bowl
vintage tray pansy painting glass jar pot &..... pin disc
fashion frame set frame rozary & cards
oval mirroir sample book danish frame kinder bracelet
anton pieck maria box
set of 3 boxes set cosages candle stand
piano lamp corsage & wax flower wooden plate attaches pour linge
watch band oil lamp shade oil painting 12 parts
cosage tiny snow baby photo album pages photo frame set
rose print frame stamp
oil painting cookie pot wedding stand metal stand
boxes pot murano mirrior curtain ring
white rozary dark brown rozary white glass vaselline glass rozary
glass rozary mop rozary murano mirrior ornament parts
bord antique beads bag piano lamp angel console
tiny painting new year pack R new year pack N new year pack K
new year pack J new year pack I new year pack H new year pack G
new year pack F new year pack E new year pack B
tegel flower basket hotel bell paris special set
paris special set angel frame toy shop wax flower bouquet set
maria statue silk fan beads stand glass maria
rose print set old frame old bible 1863
opera glass grace angel ornaments card holder avon
toy old book 1888 toy maria statue
antique opera glass spoons wooden ornaments baby goods
frame set tiny frame set mop rozary
bebe savon box paper box flower hat tiny basket
 wish set wax flower cosage murano mirror bebe savon
box miniture set tiny frames rose print
bottle hanger white glass rozary cosage xmas set
flower painting copper wax flower pop
bronze ornament book marker glass box diary book 1896
steiff steiff hatpin wooden box
glass shade wooden angel candle glass ornaments 18 glass ornaments 
danish frame mop rozary rozary green cosage
floral painted box glass maria maria plate parfum bottle
wooden stand glas in lood wooden box mariage set box
tiny bisque dolls tiny doll tiny doll twiggy
wax flower wax flower tiara photo stand tiny hanger
schoen lepel flower flower basket doll house
doll house kerst stal wooden maria bible
wooden maria glass ornaments mini tree old christmas tree
angel vintage tree vintage tree vintage snowman
kerst hanger doll set doll set tiny lace hat
tiny basket angel decoration pp candle stand set paper bags
glass tree (damaded) glass decoration candle glass candle glass
candle glass glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree glass tree glass tree glass tree
glass tree vaselline shade brooch brooch
tiny hanger set X`mas set X`mas set bebe brooch
bebe brooch bloemen kerst stal kerst stal
tree top 12 candle clips 2 candle clips 6 candle holder clips
old candles Xmas ornaments doll box lamp
table lamp table lamp hang angel lamp table lamp
table lamp white glass light angel chandellier hang lamp
wall lamp angel wall lamp tiny wall lamp wall lamp
maria statue gods lamp & hook candle holder set watch
brooch curtain tool old gods lamp gods lamp
gods lamp bible Xmas balls Xmas balls
Xmas balls ornaments Xmas balls Xmas balls
Xmas balls Xmas balls Xmas ball rozary
angel candle deco special set candle stand french pouch
hand mirror bag angel clasp angel ornament
Xmas tile glass tree glass tree glass tree s
glass tree frame tiny medaille set medaille set C
medaille set B medaille set photo tree pin cushion
fan oil lamp frame cake server
coffee mil photo hanger bag buckle
lace fan ink cushion card box angel water bak
kinder boeken kinder boeken Xmas tree brooch
brooch wooden box candle holder rose book
wax flower frame angel frame angel statue special set
window hangers set window hangers set window hanger window hanger
powder case photo stand twiggy hand clip
wooden angel card album wijwater bak medaille
2 boxes old box set wooden maria
candle stand vintage party bag glass candlestand set
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wooden box tiny maria statue set
angel bronze set toy
dragee box set oval wooden frame angel ornaments
doll set wooden box gourmet set gips hanger
paper fan goblin frame angel water
set doll basket watch box thermo
mini parts tiny doll rozary clock
frame set poststamp case musical angels
piano lamp glass window rozary oval frame
minimini torso mini frame vintage bag vintage bag
goblin tapestry wooden box medaille bracelet devotie lijstje
gips engel set old book set
opera glass opera glass bag tool
old book stand wax flower tiny wooden maria
gods lamp gods lamp gods lamp godslamp
set old calender medaille gods lamp
oil painting opera glass dragee boxes wooden box
wooden box rourdes set medaille set old frame
maria statue tiny frame tiny frame clasp
bible frame wall tapestrys frame
tiara rose print set set charity set
clasp miniture frame angel minidoll doll box
oil painting lighting parts table mirrior frame
soap box parfum box set ribbon frame
Brugge dolls set limoge box angel tin old doll
angel bag doll broderie box frame old goblin
sampler tray old bible secret box wooden box
tiny box glass parts oll painting oil painting
oil painting tiny basket set mop stand
antique photo stand candle stand stand doll basket
tiny basket naaidoosje glass apotheek doosjes 90
vintage flowers 300g tiny frame tiny balet shoes flower hat
hat stand bible hang flower wall tapestry
wall tapestry parfum bottle tiny doll toy set
mini measure wooden case baby toy set set
gods lamp gods lamp small drawer wall tapestry
wall tapestry corsages frame bebe brooch
parts vaseline rozary mop cross set
set poudre de riz set tiny bisque doll
special set paper babybed glass parts corsage & ribbon
corsage buckle saving box roll cabinet
baby ornament baby ornament toy doll in box
perfume bottle tiny straw hat rozary case album souvenir
cross set pendant top porc.brugge doll
tiny box tiny box wooden angels cherny book
antique frame 1880 murano mirrior (mini) french mirrior wooden tray
MURANO mirror swing bed for doll doll with trunk set
maria statue oval frame photo stand wooden box
small doll beads bag coffee mill napkin holder 7
curtain holder small bear and toy wax flower bouquet vintage brooch
angel bak wall tapestry brooch mini cushion
photo stand Danish frame wall candle holder set
lace parasol oil painting painted tray wijwaterbakje
mop case print frame brush holder ornament
photo stand wooden box opaline shade rozary
glass carrier wooden box oval frame barbotinne
set santa maria angel medaille powder case
barbora mirrior toy set poppen mandje
stickers box sample dolls set
au bon marche photo hanger toy cabinet fashion frame
set stand pendant top wooden fan
goblin opera glass set 150 cards in album
ivory bible set set wooden mirror
curtain holder shade fashion print set crystal parts
cosage old cases parts table lamp
table lamp flower lamp wall candle holder tiny basket
rozary rozary rozary rozary
Kate greenaway soap box stand coin purce
tray 2 poppen playing card oval frame
fashion frame Agenda 1895 onderzetter crystal
old book ink pot doosje photo frame
spiegeltje maria hanger bible foot rest
french frame wax flower set basket angel
lourdes frame fan frame Delft
Delft Delft set wijwaterbak
kragen doosje DEP doll baby shoes tegel
small frame glass cabinet hat with cosage wijwaterbak
lace shade tiny parts small basket
foot rest rozary cloth hanger photo album
watch case stamp powder case half doll
lace tray JB lace sache mini frame
twiggy egg box wooden box wooden box
soap box rest mini frame mini frame
mop rozary case frame poesie album
saphiret pil cace clip bag
playing card wijwaterbak set piano lamp 1920
st.anne set of 6 frame frame
wijwaterbak buckle special set photo brooch
glass rozary maria stand wall candle holder 2 medailles
box glass rozary Delft tegel Delft tegel
delft tegel Delft tegel Delft tegel Delft tegel
special set 3 Danish frame bag clip
pendant top letter opener bak parts
small rozary mop curtain ring 20 box special set
mimosa de Nice mop rozary Danish frame album souvenir
card holder card album old delft tile A glass case
JB vintage hat small frame wooden hanger
maria statue mop rozary pansy letter box doll school
spoon set coffee set wall hanger glove case
basket angel candlestand  bag tin box
celluloid rose wooden maria toy french frame
wall hanger lace brooch tiny wall hanger souvenir spoons
baby bed cross candle holder white glass rozary mop rozary
vintage photo stand old plant container ornament
hook rozary in sac vaseline rozary letter opener
wall hanger  tin box paper box oval frame
wax flower basket box photo stand wax angel
maria maria wijwaterbak wall cross
angel console table lamp doll bag
angel clasp raamhor raamhor angel box
holy frame holy set soap box small frame
set gods lamp gods lamp AM doll
rose valentine set rose valentine set box corsage
wax flower veil wooden maria wooden maria french frame
oval frame photo stand wooden box doll house
wijwaterbak holder cushion
photo stand rose print set stand angel clasp
sampler frame 1865 gordijnkoord tiara Twiggy
paper holder angel corsage band marriage set
souvenir tiny frame tiny frame frame
godslamp medaille & rozary rozary pp ash tray
vintage bag hang frame wax maria wooden case
tiny frame medaille mini photostand set
pair bisque doll violettes de Toulouse mop set set
old piano lamp candle stand angel litho angel photo stand
mauchline box mauchline egg Bon Marche set au bon marche Muff
set angel box
wall lamp ballet shoes 3 revue de la mode silver set
vintage brooch powder sugar spoon tiny maria frame 50`s wall paper (7m~)
baby-bed cross photogravure 1898 mop vintage tassel
thee zeefje vintage tiny flowers lace basket
baby item fur muf-bag rozary party bag
hat pin tiny frame mop bag
murano mirror piano lamp bol & stand oil lamp
photo stand photo stand photo stand hat stand
murano mirror murano mirrior s hat stand mini torso
piano lamp (pair) tiny angel frame tiny angel frame bible & rozary
tiny flower bouquet dragee box rose hook angel mirror
rose frame set new year pack new year pack new yesr pack
new  year pack new year pack ner year pack new year pack
new year pack new year pack new year pack photo stand A
curtain holder old frame paper box tiny porc. box
purce silk case watch stand candle stand
ballet shoes piano lamp set candle holder wijwater bak
pick set photo stand set parts set
lace shade old box baby boxes powder box
copper p.p pots tiny basket veil set
oval frame pin cushion vintage bag special set
special set special set tiny hat lovely box
wax flower set godslamp godslamp wooden squere frame
2 tiny boxes godslamp cross set X'mas special set
ribbon jewel box letter holder hat stand
oil painting oil painting angel soap box bebe box
rozary tiny rozary pink rozary clasp
note book small frame angel hanger coaster set
shade naaidoos bebe savon corsage
corsage set of 3 toast rack gods lamp set
set set  set set of 2
vintage set tree ornaments tree ornaments tiny console
oil painting maria frame angel decoration
set puzzle photo stand poppen winkel
wedding stand oil painting oil painting floral book
silver clasp wax flower & chule floral basket floral basket
corsage corsage violet jewel box tiny wax corsage
tiny maria statue angel paper weight angel set poststamp box
frame bisque tiara chair book old box
frame mamy parts! small frame wax flower set
wax flower rozary box ornaments set
candle holder(glass) godslamp godslamp old church item
ornament ink pot souvenir spoons la mode illustee
wall lamp wall lamp candle stand tiny frame
wine goods ornaments ornaments ornaments
ornaments set candle stand bebe set X^mas set
baby set set set rose  set
frame parts angels in box angels in box
angels in box angel in box angel in box angels in box
angel in box angel in box metal box set
antique frame wall lamp shade shade
shade shade angels candle holder old candles
glass rosary maria frame tiny woodenbox oil lamp
tea goods tea strainer stamp mop
jewel box doll basket box lamp
angel wall lamp bed side lamp table lamp table lamp
godslamp godslamp tree candles set
parts set metal box piano lamp small frame
la sainte famille santa wooden box candle stand
old tree <mini> 12ornaments 50 X`mas balls ornaments
ornaments ornaments ornaments ornaments
ornaments table clock set tiny doll
stamps 4711 tree foot oval frame
maria hanger porc,candleholder set
round tray tiny basket doll basket miniture set
sewing box old tiny frame bronze set
rose print doll basket doll basket candle stand
candle holder angel wooden stand warmer
rozary set candle holder curtain binder set
angel hanger small boxes candle holder watch stand
wooden box small handy mirror glass candleholder porc.tray
Murano mini mirror Murano mirror old frame rocket
buckle buckle paper box parfum brooch
tiny frame holly set wooden angel N books
angel set tiny basket pin cushion & mesure wooden box
bolls basket frame powder case powder case
set of 3 parts set tiny tray dance notobook
necklace frame wooden box set of 4
zilver beugle opera glass ornament parts diary book
maria statue wax   maria medaille tiny boxes set
HANSI set HANSI set old frame old tools
souvenir de alsace souvenir de alsace souvenir d‘Alsace parts
ink case handy mirror old beads set old beads set
tiny frame frame doll cabinet toy coffee mill
set (cat) wooden angel gods lamp
floral box angel gips oil painting oil painting
tiny tray vintage hat hat stand bread basket
candle stand set bottle holder plant bak shoe clip
piano lamp candle stand purce
stamp gods lamp miniture miniture
window screen music paper oil painting vintage bag
dressing tray angel godslamp angel tin box dragee box
angel plant cover angel console silver purse set of 2
rose print set table wear set 4 dragee boxes 3 dragee boxes
dragee boxes cake stand wine table tray
vintage frame set mop candle holder
angel plate antique cross set tiny bag
small frames wall tapestry stel engeltjes set of 2
maria lamp wall candleholder photo brooch set
godslamp godslamp rozary medaille
vintage necklace piano lamp photo tree beugel
violet box limoge box mini frame vintage frame
vintage frame godslamp oil painting
pearls auction hammer stand hanger wedding stand
photo stand photostand painting painting
jewel box pot wall tapestry
metal container murano mirror 7 doll shoes glass cabinet
godslamp 2 curtain hooks candle stand pair wooden box
2 bags glass tray glass tray telegram holder
LIEFDADIGHEID wooden box photo stand oval frame
goblin box table mirror danish frame napkin holder
round frame tiny photostand rozary french basket
french basket 2 gordijn haken surprise basket ballet shoes
inscence stand godslamp godslamp oil painting
dans notebook frame danish frame godslamp
godslamp curtain hook wooden panel godslamp
godslamp godslamp corsage basket
stamp ornament godslamp godslamp
2 frames photo hanger oil painting tiny bear
soap box bebes murano mirror porc.tray Jewel box
fan wooden box rozary
angel soapbox doll wear doll wear 3 old paper boxes
tiny frame stes reliques rozary clasp
tiny basket wieg kruisje wieg kruisje bag (for remake)
godslamp godslamp godslamp ornament
wooden frame set of 2 photo stand W doll goods
doll wear set vintage frame vintage frame curtain hook
frame old tin box case motto bord
pink rozary toy cabinet toy cup holder
tiny cabinet hairpin box hatpins flower in box
frame frame photo tree godslamp
jewel box vintage frame poststamp case bottle labelhangers
3 frames set blik vintage frame vintage frame
vintage frame vintage frame opaline tiolet stel  set of 2 tiara
wooden box french shelf gods lamp gods lamp
tiny frame rozary rozary holly frame
old painting pot cover frame angel deco
mop salt spoon tiny basket(dameged) small tray old bible
rozary  case fashion frame celluroid cross doll
rose cross parts wax flower hand clip
small frame wooden maria powder case wax flower
wax flower set tray vaseline glass rozary rozary
oil painting wooden box oil painting glass bottle
opaline box angel naaidoosje dragee box
parfume bottle pp auction hammer handy mirror wooden box
photo stand wooden box hat stand wooden maria
angel medaille pill box set floral basket
mini photo stand needle pin disc glass bottle opaline glass
cushion oval frame (wood) vintage hat watch stand
tiny copper powder boxes wooden angel parts set
wooden frame tiny lithograph photo stand wooden maria
glasses&basket Lancome sucredulcor tiny parasol
set tiny box small box stand
souvenir album crystal parts rose print french mirror
frame french frame wooden tray 4 tiny glasses
godslamp godslamp maria frame old bible
frame wax flower wall candle oil painting
fashion print set of 3 opera glass MOP set set doll dress flower vase dragee box
antique frame hat stand tiny vase oval frame
tin box soap box books old small frame
wooden box wooden box wall hanger jewel box
parts tiny candlestand maria Maria tableau
church item bronze bronze bronze
flower hat antique tiny basket drawer glass box
silver pencil holder oil painting angel tiny rozary
mop rozary mop rozary mop rozary murano mirror
frame 2tiny frames Winnie the Pooh wax flower < s >
cosage wedding set cosage wooden box
cosage cosage cosarge curtain hooks
cross cross maria statue maria frame
old maria statue oil painting gips angel pair bisque
doll wear set of 9 set of 13 frame
old book frame godslamp godslamp
godslamp oval mirror powder box glass box
soap box paper box shade cover pair bisque
pair bisque baby set set pot warm keeper
oval frame oval frame shade vaseline
shade shade shade shade
shade vaseline shade vaseline shade shade set
lamp set flower lamp hall lamp
angel lamp wall lamp wall lamp set glass parts
jewel box oval frame photo stand photo stand
lace frame baby set gordijn haken toy
Lourdes old print old print old print
old print old print old print old print
old print old print old print old print
old print old print 2 frames metal parts
tiny frame round box 2 frames dust box
jewel box toy p.p foot rest sewing cabinet
wooden box thimble case 2 corsage old corsage
violet perfum needle case easter egg box doll
doll silver&glas case jewel case pair bisque doll
tiny box rozary bisque pair opera glass
De Gracieuse pair doll candle stand set mop rozary
soap box soap box violettes des Toulouse needle stand
needle case metal basket rozary & case pop
pair mini doll souvenir souvenir memo tiny basket
bag piano lamp oval frame french photo frame
mini frame old jewel box chromo litho chromo litho
chromo litho hat stand box wedding set
purce mop rozary 19c glass blue glass
pot for doll house La Tosca wall tapestry murano mirrior <mini>
wooden box doll doll toy
stand pendant top bottle name hanger tiny frame
vintage maria woooden box Dames et des demoiselles bridesmaid set
rozary bisque maria old book set
silhouette frame gods lamp oude spiegel tiny frame
wooden frame photo stand photo stand
photo stand antique angel stand fashion prints 3 fashion prints 5
fashion prints 3 fashion prints 3 powder case powder case
corsage vaselline rozary wooden box half doll
bird cage parts photo stand photo stand
old photo stand parts fashion print fashion print
fashion print fashion print fashion print vintage photo hanger
vintage photo hanger old glass baby doll bed paper box
corsage cross p.p brooch
wax flower corsage corsage candle item metal tiny tray
small dish puter bebe brooch holly frame album souvenir
photo brooch small photo stand bisque doll pair porc.doll pot
tin box brod.bag music book clasp frame
frame holder french basket murano mirror
bisque doll sheet bisque USAGI pair wall candleholder gods lamp
goebel maria statue holy frame set of 2 tiny frame
tiny frame (angel) wooden box set of 2 special set F
special set D special set B special set A bear book
cosage cosage small cushion floral hat
wooden frames glass parts vintage glass necklace vintage glass necklace
vintage glass necklace french photo stand tiny painting pink rozary
bisque angel tiny basket old copper alumi box
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wooden box J.b candle holder flower hat
doll doll bleu glass small frame
2 candle stands tiny frame tiny frame tiny frame
oil painting rozary in case mop mop
hat stand (roze) jam pot parts set key hole
wax maria frame wax maria wall deco frame window decoration
copper pot angel console christmas special doll set
music box vintage necklace candle stand (pair) candle stand
tiny candle holder doll in egg! doll in egg tiny basket
miniture shop chiristmas box medaille set B X'mas ball set
X'mas ball set Xmas ball set piano lamp watch
watch stand tiny enamel button enamel button tiny tree!
doll glass paper weight celluroid fan mop purse
soap box wax flower set veel bloemen mop cross
candle stand candle stand frame stand frame stand
set C set B set A curtain hook
curtain hook curtain hook curtain rings set
door knob photo stand photo stand rozen glass mini tree
rozary tiny frame Loudre souvenir 2 photo stands
photo stand hand mirror music sheet old memo book
vintage bag shade shade shade
shade shade shade vaselline shade
shade shade shade vaselline shade
table lamp table lamp wall lamp wall lamp
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wall lamp tapestry 2 broochs 2 broochs
tiny frame siluette frame box
bebe rose brod,frame set of 3 hair clip
stamp rozary rozary green rozary
MOP rozary old  box clasp
jewelly case cosage cosage statue
beads pouch tiny sac wax flower tree decoration
2 ornaments set of 7 set of 3 set of 3
set of 3 set of 5 set of 3 set of 5
set of 2 set of 3 set of 5 set of 5
small balls `50 5 ornaments ornaments ornaments in box
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baby doll 2 frames Holly  frame gods lamp
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tile tile wedding stand wedding box
cosage D cosage C cosage A wedding veil
gods lamp bisque doll pin stand wall mirror
mirror doll house puff set
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tiny frame hand clip hand clip Guerlain
Paris print 2 porc.dogs murano glass toy branco
antique doll murano mirror glass cabinet wooden box
paper knife wooden frame maria statue
small Maria special set doll bed wedding bouquet
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photo stand french photo stand  2 paper boxes glass
sewing kit tiny barbora parfum bottle mop rozary
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small frame la mode illustree 1887 le mode illustree 1888 tiny box
20*accessory old painting gourmet set 12 X`mas balls
tiny stand tiny card case letter holder table mirror
candle holder painting (on metal) frame & card 2 old bibles
small maria oval frame 4coasters wine stopper
angel mirror B bell onderzetter hand clip
hat stand old box 2 frames set old doll
antique photo stand old ornament doll house candle stand
tiny hat mop rozary mop rozary mop rozary
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mirror frame old print frame powder case wooden box
oil painting cosage in box tiny basket
old bear steiff parfume bottle poesie lijst
bronze hangers 3 godslamp set set
fashion print fashion print cosage porc.dogs
doll & chair set of 2 beeds
french mirror tin box palette set of 2 frame
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rose print frame set powder case
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flower hat flowwer hat flower hat flower hat
cosage set E cosage set D cosage set C mini barbora mirroir
paper weight jewelly box rose print brooch
purple rozary in case photo stand photo stand la mode illustree 1867
la mode illustree 1889 toast rack 2 rose print
half doll(damaged) glass cabinet baby doll in basket 4 tiny frames
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R/A kitchen clock sampler frame 1908 sampler frame 1897 photo stand
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piano lamp 2 clasical frames jug&basin set tin box
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curtain ring piano lamp rose cosage stamp
boissier 4 doll head & box old  parfum box rozary in case
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Lourdes rozary in case maria statue tissue paper case
violettes de Toulouse doll dress tiny photo stand glass bottle
old pouch clasp lace cushion fashion print
old frame wooden frame stand mirror french mirror
rozary case MOP rozary set angel clasp
wall lamp wall lamp chandellier chandellier
vintage outside lamp table chandellier wall lamp shade
shade shade shade shade
shade shade shade shade
shade shade shade shade
shade shade shade shade
baby shoes baby shoes small wooden frame paper cabinet
fabric tape fabric tape fabric tape fabric tape A
2 frames wooden box old book small painting
box rose print set wedding stand fashion print
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2 frames wedding set bapteme box lace in box
lace in box fabric box poesie in frame paper box
long frame frame thee zeef wooden tiny pot
tiny case ornament tiny case
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mini mirror powder angel bag clasp (angel)
bag clasp (angel) wedding box old oval mirror frame
stamp set photo frame photo frame photo frame
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decorative iron godslamp steiff steiff
old souveier necklace vintage tiny frame old case
MOP rozary MOP rozary  bag 3 frames
set bisque doll sheet bisque doll sheet french oval frame
candle stand les mode parisiennes les modes parisiennes doll house  shop
poppen mandje tiny frame tiny frame maria statue
wall candle glass rozary accessory stand alarm clock
angel tile 2 angel items mode print D mode print C
mode print B mode print A clasp clasp
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muf for dolls tiny lace glove old wooden frame doll
Sir de Lourdes special price set steiff? dog
steiff steiff muf steiff muf souvenir set
old souvenie 5 oil on bord oil painting
mode print frame oval frame lace shade
lamp foot tiny mirror vaselline button angel box
opaline-glass pot set watch stand angel tin box
plant cover leteer stand wax angel heart cushion
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tiny parasol photo stand old bottle old soap box
violettes de la cote d`ajur violet cosage small basket small tray
tin box <cats> 10small boxes wall candle
rose print rose print oval small frame tinu tray
2glass cases ribbon hook cosage rose print
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old frame la mode illustree 1864 french basket porc.coaster
tiny bowl tiny bowl tiny bowl
poppen cabinet poppen wagentje candle stand wooden frame
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round frame frame wax flowwer wax flower
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french frame pop roze rozary letter opener?
doll cosage candle stand small box
pearls in basket oval frame small frame bag
antique bag bag clasp candle holder old copper S
old X^mas boll 12 metal buttons frame wooden frame
roze print rose print small frame small frame
applique toy sewing machine mushroom tree deco tree top
tree decorations old tree decoration tiny frame toy sewing machine
vintage SANTA tiny candle stand set tiny candle stand small candle stand set
piano lamp vintage SANTA wedgwood small plate souvenir
cosage toast rack steiff squerrel steiff (dog)
pair bisque doll pair bisque doll candle stand 2 tiny frames
2tiny frames Docter `s bag old french frame
piano lamp piano lamp glass candle holder candle stand
rosary in MOP old book photo hanger photo hanger
antique tiny frame 4 tiny frames flower ring dragee box
old frame old frame rose print steiff
steiff Perri steiff steiff hatstand
photo stand cabinet mop rozary rozary in case
child book wall mirror cloth
steiff dog steiff frame glass case
candle stand photo stand photo stand choco box (cats)
Murano glass mirror bride basket newspaper holder steiff sleeping usagi
set of 3 glass boxes 3 tiny frames 3 drage boxes
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rozary (blue-purple ) rose cosage maria vase MOP rozary
curtain hooks antique doll half doll (pin cushion) oval frame
Murano glass mirror fashion print in frame tin pot petit frame
petit frame oval frame stand baby shoes
summer sprcial 6 (kids) summer special set 4(rose) mop rozary mop rozary
chocolate box jewelly box sewing stand bag clasp <beads>
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summer special 2 tiny frame 4 tiny frames
wooden rack oil painting<rose> bronze photo stand 4 puter pots
bag clasp bag clasp box
old photo album hat pin mop letter opener
old tin box travel mirror for doll celluloid doll & box celluloid doll & Box
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decorative iron vintage fan travel mirror powder case
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hat stand angel soap box poesie album applique
tiny oil painting old frame small frame hand clip
bebe brooch rosary&case cookie box(tin)
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porc.clock kitchen clock naai kist oval frame
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finger purse tiny frame baby shoes&box
tiny basket frame(print) fabric box stand mirror
paris print